Matchmaking for Muslims

Online taaruf forum for muslims. Find muslim men and women who are ready to get married and start a sakinah family.

Muslim matchmaking with profiles, photos, chat, finding your future husband/wife is easier.

Find the love of your life to get married. Safe and your privacy is maintained.

Matchmaking forum as taaruf app for muslim men and women.Muslim matchmaking for singles who are ready to get married.

Find your soulmate towards sakinah mawaddah wa rahmah family.

Why Start Taaruf on Miluv?

Find your halal soulmate on Miluv

Well Intentioned

Each day, thousands of muslim men and women use Miluv to make connection and start a relationship. You may be the person they have been waiting for!

Personalized to You

Choose your own criteria, someone who is enjoyable, sincere, and accepts you as you are.

Enjoy Your Life

Miluv is always searching for someone who is Muslim and may be your potential match, even when you're doing something else.

Privacy First

Personal information such as real name and phone numbers are always hidden, before you get to know your potential match better.

Safe & Sharia

Unlike traditional social networks, Miluv verifies the identity of members for your safety. Create a Miluv profile today and start connecting with your soulmate.

Testimonials from Past Members

You can see testimonials from members who have found their spouse in Miluv (SatukanCinta).

Biro Jodoh Online
"Thank you very much Miluv. Unexpectedly I found my hubby who is in the same city as me. We clicked, we met, then deal haha 🤣👌."
Gyen & Rio
Biro Jodoh Online
"Alhamdulillah. I knew him from Miluv last May 2018. We're now husband and wife after getting married on November 18."
Afifah & Arip
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